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Moroccan Stew

A quiet and and relaxing Sunday is a perfect time for experimenting with newer tastes in the kitchen. To me it is a time when the kitchen is like a shrine. All the stress in me withers, the vast emptiness shrinks and disappears.  Joy and excitement is unleashed. Within no time aromas of spices twirl around me and soothes my frenzy soul. And it is here I find answers to a whole load of queries – what is the right consistency of a cake batter?, what is the right amount of spices to add?, how to chop a pomegranate?(there is a trick to it I learnt one fine day..), what are life`s purpose?, where am I headed?…….
One relaxing Sunday made my mind wandered into Morocco, the land fragrant spices, herbs. And I gave in to the wanderings. The outcome –  a Moroccan menu for lunch that day..
So here is a tasty Moroccan dish that is sure to be the highlight of the lunch menu. Do not be intimidated by the list of ingredients because the stew is extremely easy to put together. When served hot with some crusty bread or couscous, the combination makes for a spectacular one.
PS : A lesson I learnt one day in my ‘shrine’ – ‘Cooked with joy, even a simple food is heightened to the extent of it being extraordinaire..’



Moroccan Vegetable Stew



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Lemon & Mint Couscous

A delightfully light and citrus-y Moroccan recipe to serve with sweet & sour Moroccan stew. This mint-y couscous is a perfect match with the stew. Couscous is a dish made from semolina that is cooked by steaming. Couscous is lightly seasoned and served with any stew spooned over it. 
Couscous is one of the popular dishes from a wide variety of Moroccan specialties. Moroccan dishes are known for variety of aromatic spices used. Cumin being one such spice that is extensively used in almost all dishes. Cinnamon, paprika, dried ginger, turmeric, saffron, cloves are other spices extensively added to Moroccan dishes and give the dish wonderful flavors the cuisine is so popular for!

Different Shades & Roasted Vegetables

Ever observed how different people react to one situation??  
Take the weather for instance.The summer arrives and some start planning for picnics, barbeque, trip to the beach. Then there are some who sulk & complain that the weather`s too hot for them, that they just do not have the energy to go about their routine..Some would try as much and make the most of the scorching sun. Here in India, its the season for pickles. A time when the women of the house together set about to make sun dried papads, preserves and so on.


Come rains and people start to grumble that there is water everywhere!! That it is very inconvenient to travel etc etc.. Not that the rains make everyday life a bliss. It does bring havoc in certain regions. But it is the same people who would complain of the summer heat! For some it is the time to cozy up indoors during evenings, sipping hot tea. Its during this season that some local vegetables & fruits are available and some foodies like yours truly make the best of this season. 

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Corn Tartlets

Having assumed that the  making of the Short Crust Pastry itself would take a lot of time ( and I was not even sure if the experiment would be a success mind you) I chose a simple filling. After browsing through pages & pages of savory tarts recipe, I finally came upon this recipe – a mixture of the  various recipes I came across! If  the base fell apart, i could at least use the filling as a topping for toasted bread or baked bread moulds or for canapes etc..Well…you get the point..
Tip of the Week
Eating Bananas can help fight depression.
Food Facts
Nachos, the Mexican dish, were invented in 1943 by a guy named ‘Ignacio Nacho Anaya’. The original nachos consisted of fried corn tortillas covered with melted cheddar cheese and sliced jalapeno peppers.