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Heaven on Tongue, a review…

…And Barbeque Sandwich




I have come across many cookbooks, got quite a few in my collection but the book ‘Heaven on Tongue‘, the latest addition to my collection stands out for many reason. What do I like about the book? There are quite a few reason but let me highlight a few.

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Mastering the Art of Living

There is often a long ‘to-be‘ list. No I don`t mean to-do. It`s a to-be. A list of professions you want to take up when you ‘grow up’. A list of things you would want to do. From a teacher to sports champ, a scientist or an actor. The ‘list’ is now a crumpled piece of paper, lying in a place where it would probably never be found…


Jade mac 1B E


“Train your mind to see the good in everything…”

Jade mac 1A E


The pressures of modern living takes over and rules our lives, rules the world. Countless times we ponder on the path we have chosen – jobs for their comfort but not for the fascination. Nothing wrong in it. But what`s unfitting is we let it take over us and let ourselves bypass all our core interests. The list keeps popping up every now and then and we are quick to chase it away into hiding. And then our lives are once again drenched with workload, deadlines, the traffic and all other negative elements that weigh us down. 

Jade mac 7 E

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Pasta in Marinara Sauce

Think Italy and you are your mind is instantly flooded with images of well dressed Italians, the Collosseum, the gondola and of course great food! Pastas and pizzas topped with layers of melting cheese, fresh out of the oven are a sheer delight to indulge in!

What are the reasons that make Italian cuisine so popular and acceptable worldwide? The liberal use of olive oil?; the freshly plucked tomatoes?; the aromatic herbs used in cooking?. Probably all of them and many more reasons make up the highly addictive Italian cuisine!

pasts 1

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Staying in Touch. Tadka Pasta..

We travel far and wide. We travel the world. We revel in the artistry in landscape, architecture, culture worldover. Its a way to take a break, to get away from the madness of everyday chaos. A hiatus to just sit and gaze at the river bank and watch as birds to a quick landing to grab their meal from the river is a wonderful thing. To stare at the snow capped mountains cleanses the mind. Or to count the twinkling stars in the sky obliterates the tension from your mind!


Clouds E

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Life`s choices. Potato & Spring Onion Soup…


Winter gives way to summer & spring, then the rains, then comes autumn and its winter once again. No season lingers forever. The clouds do make way for the sunshine. The sun does shine after the rains and you spot the rainbow sometimes. Every season has its good and bad, every cloud has a silver lining. Likewise, different stages of our lives are not forever. The disappointments, tough times do pass and make way for sunshine. A time for laughter and happiness are in store for all. The way to unlock it, is to look at the positive in all dark stages. Easier said than done no doubt. It is a task needing constant efforts. And slowly it turns into a habit. 

potato sp onion 3

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Fresh from the oven Focaccia

Man, for centuries now, been driven by instincts and the constant urge to explore the unknown. An ambitious Christopher Columbus, the explorer & navigator traveled to a continent previously unknown to Europeans. We have Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly across the Atlantic & thus opened up the skies to other women.We have had scientists like Charles Darwin, Galileo, Isaac Newton who have changed the thinking of mankind & made life convenient for us today. Artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Monet, Picasso introduced new & innovative styles of painting. 
Coming to world of food, we have chefs who have explored areas & styles of cooking that are now  a part of our daily food habit.James Beard, called the ‘Father of American Gastronomy’ has left behind a legacy of culinary experiences. Antoine Parmentier refined the art of bread making. Back home in India, there are chefs & food experts who have made Indian Cuisine popular worldwide like Sanjeev Kapoor, Madhur Jaffrey and so on. Continue reading

Chocolate Pancakes

This is one recipe I found in my mom`s diary that I had planned on making since a long time. And just like other dishes, this one too did not materialize…until recently!
Mom does not remember from where she had noted this recipe and the actual measurements were not mentioned. So mom & I referred a few basic pancake recipes and worked out our own measurement. And they turned out perfect! Its pretty simple to make and will hardly take 30 mins! What caught my attention was the ingredients used – adding wheat flour makes it healthy along with goodness of apples, milk and you also have the ‘chocolat-y’ flavor in it..Kids would definitely adore these pancakes for breakfast or for eve..And when the pancakes are being cooked, it actually smells like a cake is being baked.

Moroccan Stew

A quiet and and relaxing Sunday is a perfect time for experimenting with newer tastes in the kitchen. To me it is a time when the kitchen is like a shrine. All the stress in me withers, the vast emptiness shrinks and disappears.  Joy and excitement is unleashed. Within no time aromas of spices twirl around me and soothes my frenzy soul. And it is here I find answers to a whole load of queries – what is the right consistency of a cake batter?, what is the right amount of spices to add?, how to chop a pomegranate?(there is a trick to it I learnt one fine day..), what are life`s purpose?, where am I headed?…….
One relaxing Sunday made my mind wandered into Morocco, the land fragrant spices, herbs. And I gave in to the wanderings. The outcome –  a Moroccan menu for lunch that day..
So here is a tasty Moroccan dish that is sure to be the highlight of the lunch menu. Do not be intimidated by the list of ingredients because the stew is extremely easy to put together. When served hot with some crusty bread or couscous, the combination makes for a spectacular one.
PS : A lesson I learnt one day in my ‘shrine’ – ‘Cooked with joy, even a simple food is heightened to the extent of it being extraordinaire..’



Moroccan Vegetable Stew



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Lemon & Mint Couscous

A delightfully light and citrus-y Moroccan recipe to serve with sweet & sour Moroccan stew. This mint-y couscous is a perfect match with the stew. Couscous is a dish made from semolina that is cooked by steaming. Couscous is lightly seasoned and served with any stew spooned over it. 
Couscous is one of the popular dishes from a wide variety of Moroccan specialties. Moroccan dishes are known for variety of aromatic spices used. Cumin being one such spice that is extensively used in almost all dishes. Cinnamon, paprika, dried ginger, turmeric, saffron, cloves are other spices extensively added to Moroccan dishes and give the dish wonderful flavors the cuisine is so popular for!

Irish Soda Bread

It was one of the warmest afternoons last Sunday. One of those days when a sane person would decide to relax, sipping into some lemonade with the air conditioning humming at the background. But well, it was a different scene altogether at our home! Mom had just finished making a simple Goan Potato Curry  for lunch and it was time for some ‘Breaking Bread with Family‘! . And yet there I was in the kitchen, literally planning on breaking bread, getting all ingredients ready to bake some bread! This was an easy bread recipe I had come across and just had to try it out, whether the weather was conducive or not!
Tip of the Week
Eating Bananas can help fight depression.
Food Facts
Nachos, the Mexican dish, were invented in 1943 by a guy named ‘Ignacio Nacho Anaya’. The original nachos consisted of fried corn tortillas covered with melted cheddar cheese and sliced jalapeno peppers.