Udupi & Kudla

Coastal fiesta

Life is beautiful.

She longed to be set free. To fly away to a distant place where the sun always shone down on earth. Where the steady golden rays of the sun penetrated into all places and drove away the darkness. Where even rains did not chase away the sunlight but would fill the sky with rainbow. Flowers bloomed all through the year. To a place where she was in a harmonious relationship with nature. It fed her body & soul. She would taste food of elemental beauty.

The place would be filled by melodious music from the chirping of the birds and flowing river. The music would captivate her soul and fill her mind with positivity. And this would trigger the hidden joy inside her to break free and engulf her permanently. 

All chains that tied her and kept her from her freedom would melt away, never to return.

She would be deliriously happy, forever

Jackfruit seed 1 E

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Potato & Peas Gashi

They say small towns are devoid of thrilling events. Like my native place. The place were I spent many a vacations in. Here the time  stands still. The nights are dark and  peaceful with the silence broken only by the fireflies. A blanket of calmness covers the whole town. It was a place we ran too whenever we craved to calm then frenzied mind. I am talking about my ancestors village. It is a village untouched by noise, pollution and all the characteristics of a modern town. It is a village of simple living, unity and hospitality. To me it is a prosperous. It is a place rich in humanity, love for neighbors, fresh air, cool breeze, plentiful of shade under the big trees. Flower blooms merrily  The golden sunlight fills the entire village with warmth during the day and the with silvery light during the night. Sunrise and sunset are an everyday sight, something that is not visible in big cities.


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Coastal Fare – Nendran Balehannu Kai Huli

India is a country with diverse cuisine, from rustic to elegant, rich to simple, spicy to mild and sweet. One can travel all over the country, from North to South and East to West and come across plethora of flavors that are so very different and yet have certain similarities. 

Today`s focus in on Konkan coastal cuisine, food of west coast of India. The konkan fare boasts of fresh and spicy cuisine. Coconut is widely used in most of its dishes.  Vast varieties of red chillies are found and make their way into dishes and gives them their distinctive red hue and spice. 





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Coriander Chutney


Flavors of a ‘desi dish‘ is written all over this chutney. This lip smacking chutney is a bit spicy and slightly tangy, two of the predominant flavors in Indian cuisine. And ultimately this is a tongue tickling condiment! Or should I say ‘bit spicy‘ is too mild a word? Because it is high on chilli factor. The two flavors balance just well to bring out the earthiness of the fresh coriander & to create the most mouthwatering chutney I have had till date!





Ghee roast

…the popular Mangalorean delicacy, the origins and what makes it so popular?

The very mention of the word ‘ghee roast‘ can alert your taste buds  and for those who are already familiar with it will longingly remember the fiery red, spicy and tangy dish. Even the generous amount of ghee (clarified butter) that goes into making this Mangalorean delicacy is hard to sway you from your desire to relish them again! It is an extremely spicy and rich dish and yet you remain undismayed and the determination to have them only increases. 





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Potato Bhaji

Who can say no to a potato dish? Well, not me, that`s for sure. This potato bhaji is another of our family favorite dish. It is a simple, hearty and filling South Indian version of aloo bhaji. Nothing extravagant about this dish. Its as simple as it can get. A dish relished by all kinds of people, in different parts of South India. It can find its way into filling for a dosa to make masala dosa or served as side dish to pooris. A similar kind of bhaji is used to make one of the more sinful dishes of potato – aloo bondas.



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Goodness of Amla

…..and some lip smacking Amla Tambli / Pachadi
The tart, jade green edible fruit can either be loved or simply hated! One needs to acquire its taste. There are of course more reasons for it to be accepted than detested! To start with, what exactly is amla or the Indian gooseberry? It is an edible fruit of a small to medium size tree, botanical name – Emblica offinalis. Its flowers are greenish yellow. The fruit is light greenish yellow, almost spherical, smooth and hard in its appearance.It is quite tart to taste. Hence it is quite common in India to steep the amla in salt water and turmeric to make them less tart or simply more palatable! For the benefits from eating amla is so vast that they simply cannot be given up just because they are slightly sour to taste..

Fresh Indian gooseberry made into a Pachadi/ tambli..

The breakfast debate..



The breakfast debate and ‘who’ or ‘what’ finally won??


It all started with a simple question, “What`s for breakfast tomorrow?” A question that arises regularly in our home followed by “What`s for lunch”? or “What`s for dinner?”. But that day was different.



Chana Sundal 


The question is normally raised and amma or I decide what the menu is, depending on who is doing the cooking. But that one day, one question put forth as usual and there unraveled a host of discussions. Different memebers had different views. And the dilema was in finding an option that was acceptable by all!

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Apple subzi

I love engaging in long conversations with aunts and grandmothers. Besides telling interesting stories and experiences of the past, they so wholeheartedly share some interesting family recipes! Some may be traditional, almost forgotten ones or some with a modern twist they come up with to appeal to all family members.Well, you guessed it right. Today`s recipe is one such dish I learnt  from my aunt who was visiting us. A simple sauteed apple bursting with flavors to tickle your taste buds.
Apples are one of those fruits that lends itself well to sweet, dessert recipes and curries and savory alike. Spicy fritters from apples also make a more-ish snack! Lip smacking and tangy apple chutney is another mouthwatering dish. They go perfectly when added to potato curries. For savory recipes, select cooking and slightly firm apples so that they do not turn mushy on cooking.
Tip of the Week
Eating Bananas can help fight depression.
Food Facts
Nachos, the Mexican dish, were invented in 1943 by a guy named ‘Ignacio Nacho Anaya’. The original nachos consisted of fried corn tortillas covered with melted cheddar cheese and sliced jalapeno peppers.