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Ajwain Methi Puris

Its hard to resist anything fried till golden, crisp and tempting!!! Moreover it is the season to indulge!!! Festive celebrations are just round the corner. The weather is turning cold and wintry with rains making their appearance every now and then. 

Taking in the cool air and winter shades of nature during our drive to office is enough to charge one to gear up for the long celebrations next week. 

Methi puri E 1

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Lunch Time Memories. Carrot & Coriander Rice.

Today`s recipe brings in a flood of memories. Memories so warm that they unfreeze my frozen fingers. It is like the warmth one feels when sipping a cup of tea. The early morning rush, the smell of something delicious being cooked and packed into colorful boxes is a sight still so vivid, so touching. Being engrossed on these thoughts is for me like a perfect antidote to wade off the winter chills! The warmth of these memories gets my frozen self back to life…

Carrot coriander rice E2


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Chai with Pakoras

‘Tea Time’has always been a lavish affair in England. The Afternoon Tea is a light meal had between 4 pm late afternoon and may go on till 6 pm. Hot tea is served in delicate tea pots accompanied by light snacks. Sandwiches, cookies, scones, muffins or toast along with a cup of piping hot and freshly brewed tea complete the ‘Afternoon Tea’. 
pakora 1

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Finally…Made Peace with Peas!

I hate peas! Now you would think if I hate the ‘Peas’ so much, why bother to try any dish with them and moreover dedicate a post to them and start it off with a negative tone!?
 Well for one, I was determined to find out what was so special & tasty in them. My family loves them. So do my friends. So do many others. And then I came across this ‘Peas Masala’ on Radhika`s blog, Tickling Palates. It looked sooo…. delicious. Loved the ingredients. Required an easy process but a twist. And of course the key word being – restaurant style! I just had to give it a shot.

Punjabi Rajma

Its a rainy day, its Sunday. I can`t help but remember the past, the chaos and activities in the kitchen back then…

When the weather got chilly and cold, the kitchen would turn into a shrine, a sanctuary. It was a place for debates, battles, experiments. A place for laughter and fights. And in the process the fridge was invaded. The pantry invaded. Ransacked. Contents pulled out to check what`s left and what combinations can be out together to make an edible & tasty meal!

Then there would be the rajma that had been soaked last night. It was almost a regular tradition for a weekend. A feast of rice and rajma accompanied by creamy raita or crispy papads and pakoras or finger licking dip. 


rajama 3

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My therapist. A comforting dinner.

I have a therapist. Let me tell you how I met her…

I live in a civilization that can sometimes be harsh and ferocious. We all do. The noise, insensitivity, pollution, crime, greed can be breath choking. I`m awed by all the luxuries and advancements the civilization has to offer. So much so that I am blinded by it all and easily fall prey to it. I revel in its beauty, temporarily. And then I see the first layer peel off. What lies beneath does not seem promising. Nor does it continue to give me solace. My eyes are now wide open to the darker side, the side to which I turned my blind eye to. Now I seek to escape. I look around for a sign of escape. But I can`t seem to find any.



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Ragi Puris, any one?

It was a pleasant day with the gentle breeze lightly caressing the leaves. The sun seemed to be generous in spreading golden hue all around. That perfect setting when I could not help but let my mind wander to the fields in my native place.When home grown, organic vegetables seem to be one of the most talked about topic at present, we are blessed to get our little share and taste them first hand! The fields in my native place are cultivated with variety of local vegetables like brinjal, tendli, amaranth, pumpkin and so on apart from the standard rice that is also cultivated.The colors of these vegetables are so vibrant, so fresh to touch and smell. And I said it is organic , right? So need I say more on its taste? For the taste of dishes made using these vegetables from our farm house is so exquisite!
Not that the dishes made are ‘gourmet’ style, but just a simple sambhar or dal or poriyal. In just one bite you know there is something very different about the dish than those made from regular store bought ingredients. The vibrant color is what first catches your attention as you glance at the dish. And then on taking a spoonful of it the, true flavor of the vegetable is what hits you next. Its so rustic, so magical!  The taste is soul filling. And then you simply go on with eating and relishing this simple home cooked meal along with organic rice from the same field and wished the meal never ended, until your break time is up of course! And then again you look forward to when you can once again taste this simple special menu!

The transformation and some Rice Muthias

A tasty way to use leftover cooked rice!

How often do we hear the line “Failure is the stepping stone to success” when being given a pep talk by our well wishers! And these lines are supposed to rebuild one`s  confidence to tackle difficult situations head-on, with a brave face. They are not a mere soliloquy but a trumpet call to the ones who have experienced hardships that seem to pull down, when in reality it can be turned into a learning experience!Life, as we know, is bound to have a few roadblocks on the way. You may look for a pit stop, a moment to pause, catch your breath and to contemplate. But of course the road to reach the destination is still quite long.Every challenge we come across gives us an experience from which we can build on or improve. Every difficulty we encounter builds our strength. Every failure teaches us a lesson.  Its these eye-opening experiences, the new found strength and lessons learnt that can physically and emotionally make us a better person.With a  little bit of faith, a little bit of commitment, a little bit of thinking and creativity a Herculean task can be transformed into a blessing or a wonderful experience!
~By Anjali Rao

Bajra & Onion Pakoras

Onion pakoras always get majority votes to satisfy one`s cravings for a crispy snack. Here this all time favorite is given a twist by replacing gram flour with pearl/black millet flour, also known as bajra in Hindi. The result is a crunchy, mouthwatering, spicy & and an extremely more-ish snack! 


Bajra onion pakora 2

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Lassi for the summer…

When the sun`s rays generously cast their golden rays over the earth and the temperature is soaring, even the rhythmic wind is warm and does nothing to cool you down, it is time to savour something fresh, cooling and vibrant…

It is that time of year now. The sun shines bright and smell of freshly blossomed roses linger in the air. The harsh heat provokes annoyance in our daily lives. And you tend to seek solace in something that brings down the temperature and makes the sun-drenched earth more tolerant.





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Eating Bananas can help fight depression.
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Nachos, the Mexican dish, were invented in 1943 by a guy named ‘Ignacio Nacho Anaya’. The original nachos consisted of fried corn tortillas covered with melted cheddar cheese and sliced jalapeno peppers.