A MAD rush for all things GOOD

The alarm rings. And like any other day I curse it for doing its job so perfectly, without taking a day off! I look out the window and the world outside was already ahead of me in getting started for the day. It was a Sunday, a day to take a break and be filled with family, food and fun. That is when I remembered. The day was definitely going to be filled the 3 F`s! And I silently thanked the alarm for doing its job so well!


Why was it going to be one good day? Because it was going to be filled with all things good. And chocolate. And loads of sweet and sugar. It would be a treat to the eyes and palate to be immersed fully in all of the above. But then by the end of the day I realized that yet another feature would be the highlight of the day. An aspect that would make the day more meaningful, life more worthwhile. A small awakening to spread and share with others.

What was it that made the day different?

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French Odyssey – Part 2

It was time for yet another journey into the wonderful world of refined french cooking. Having touched upon the basics of this cuisine the first time round, the learners were all the more eager to explore more of this elegant cuisine.

Chef Name : Monsieur Lucas

Venue : Alliance Francais, Mangalore

Co-ordinator : Larkins D`souza


The menu for the day included a French classic dish –  Gratin Dauphinois.

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French Odyssey – Part 1

“Light, refined, learned and noble, harmonious and orderly, clear and logical, the cooking of France is, in some strange manner, intimately linked to the genius of her greatest men. “

~ Rouff Marcel, French journalist and writer

Describe French cuisine in two words and ‘elegant‘ and ‘refined‘ stand out. The people of France possess tremendous passion for food. Simplicity in the amount of ingredients used and yet a complexity in flavors, textures and techniques is what has made French cuisine to be considered one of the best in the world!

The measurements, seasonings, ingredients are often precise and do not welcome much deviations. The same characteristic of preciseness is seen in execution in other areas as well. The people of France share the same appreciation, respect they have for food with art, literature, architecture and theatre.

And it was indeed a pleasure to having got a chance to learn a French dish taught by a Frenchman! The dish was Ratatouille Nicoise – cooked in South of France style. The main ingredient here is the aubergines or the eggplant that are diced and sauteed and then simmered with onions, bell peppers, zucchini and loads of tomatoes!

What is a Ratatouille Nicoise?

Ratatouille Nicoise is a French Provencal stewed vegetables originating from Nice. It is usually served as a side dish but can make a meal of its own along with rice or pasta.

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Tip of the Week
Eating Bananas can help fight depression.
Food Facts
Nachos, the Mexican dish, were invented in 1943 by a guy named ‘Ignacio Nacho Anaya’. The original nachos consisted of fried corn tortillas covered with melted cheddar cheese and sliced jalapeno peppers.