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Benefits of Cumin

Cumin or jeera in Hindi; jeerige in Kannada is a spice that is a  native of eastern Mediterranean region. It is now cultivated in India, Morocco, China, Indonesia, Egypt and Argentina.


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Goodness of Garlic

Garlic is a native of Central Asia and eastern Mediterranean region. It is widely grown in India, China, Spain, Egypt, Korea, Argentina, U.S.A and Italy. They contain traces of vitamin A, B1, B2, C.


Medicinal Uses-

* To eliminate worms – Consume fresh garlic in your diet regularly. This expels intestinal parasites in few days.

* Reduce bad cholestrol (LDL) – Consuming 2-5 fresh cut cloves of garlic daily will clean the arteries of bad cholestrol.

* It acts as a preventive role for common cold.

Brain Foods

Almonds, Walnuts, Blueberries, Broccoli, Banana, Flax seed, Ginger, Apple, Garlic, Lentils are said to be good for proper functioning of brain-

1. Almonds – Increase flow to the brain

2. Walnuts – Rich in Omega 3 and improve reasoning in young adults

3. Blueberries – Improve the learning capacity

4. Broccoli – Rich in potassium and helps in functioning of nervous system and in turn improve brain functioning

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Tender Coconut

Benefits of Tender Coconut Water – Tender coconut is a favorite among many. It is refreshing to just have it fresh or delicious as a pudding too! Here are few health benefits of tender coconut:

1. Tender coconut contains potassium, glucose, vitamin C and B.
2. Regular consumption of tender coconut water keeps the skin and body hydrated.
3. Regular consumption of coconut water increases the metabolism rate which helps to burn sugar a lot faster.
4. Enzymes in coconut water aids in easy digestion.
5. They contain essential nutrients to boost energy.
6. They contain antioxidants and help fight free radicals and slows down ageing.
7. Coconut water also helps in dissolving kidney stones and prevent muscle cramps because of the presence of potassium.

Ragi (Finger Millet)

Ragi or finger millet is rich in dietary fibre, that are indigestible carbohydrates vital for keeping food moving long in your digestive system at a nice, slow and easy pace. So a meal rich in dietary fibre will be digested slowly and gives one enough energy for strenuous work.

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Tip of the Week
Eating Bananas can help fight depression.
Food Facts
Nachos, the Mexican dish, were invented in 1943 by a guy named ‘Ignacio Nacho Anaya’. The original nachos consisted of fried corn tortillas covered with melted cheddar cheese and sliced jalapeno peppers.