Navaratri special

Corn Sundal

Festivals are a time to attend poojas, meet the family and have good food. By good food I mean authentic, traditional recipes that have been handed down from many prior generations. Most of such dishes call for long and tedious processes. Yet, that does not stop many homes from preparing them all with great enthusiasm.


corn sundal 2


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Time and time again salads crop up in our everyday menu. They are either welcomed or looked down upon. Most of times its the later. They are assumed to be without the ‘taste’ element. But in fact salads can be quite the opposite. They need not be coated with creamy dressing for them to be appealing. A simple blend of ingredients topped with South Indian tempering can make a really delicious salad. I am talking about the dish from Udupi Brahmin cuisine – Kosambri.


kosambri 2 E

Hesaru bele Kosambri or Moong dal salad, a speciality of Udupi Brahmin cuisine.






De-skinned and split green gram aka moong dal

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Ragi Puris, any one?

It was a pleasant day with the gentle breeze lightly caressing the leaves. The sun seemed to be generous in spreading golden hue all around. That perfect setting when I could not help but let my mind wander to the fields in my native place.When home grown, organic vegetables seem to be one of the most talked about topic at present, we are blessed to get our little share and taste them first hand! The fields in my native place are cultivated with variety of local vegetables like brinjal, tendli, amaranth, pumpkin and so on apart from the standard rice that is also cultivated.The colors of these vegetables are so vibrant, so fresh to touch and smell. And I said it is organic , right? So need I say more on its taste? For the taste of dishes made using these vegetables from our farm house is so exquisite!
Not that the dishes made are ‘gourmet’ style, but just a simple sambhar or dal or poriyal. In just one bite you know there is something very different about the dish than those made from regular store bought ingredients. The vibrant color is what first catches your attention as you glance at the dish. And then on taking a spoonful of it the, true flavor of the vegetable is what hits you next. Its so rustic, so magical!  The taste is soul filling. And then you simply go on with eating and relishing this simple home cooked meal along with organic rice from the same field and wished the meal never ended, until your break time is up of course! And then again you look forward to when you can once again taste this simple special menu!

Paal Payasam

….A must during festivals!


paal payasam 1


paal payasam 2


A South Indian festive menu you know is never complete without a payasam for dessert! And one THE popular payasam is the Paal Payasam..

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Rice Flour Vadas


“Your life is an occasion. Rise to it.”

~Suzanne Weyn


A quick antidote to perk up a dull day is always a welcome. Something to chase away the doldrums. And happiness takes its place. To brighten up our day and shower it with sunshine. You close your eyes and you can feel yourself engulfed in the warmth of the golden rays. All your worries melt away. 


rice flour vadas 3


rice flour vada 4


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The breakfast debate..



The breakfast debate and ‘who’ or ‘what’ finally won??


It all started with a simple question, “What`s for breakfast tomorrow?” A question that arises regularly in our home followed by “What`s for lunch”? or “What`s for dinner?”. But that day was different.



Chana Sundal 


The question is normally raised and amma or I decide what the menu is, depending on who is doing the cooking. But that one day, one question put forth as usual and there unraveled a host of discussions. Different memebers had different views. And the dilema was in finding an option that was acceptable by all!

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Tip of the Week
Eating Bananas can help fight depression.
Food Facts
Nachos, the Mexican dish, were invented in 1943 by a guy named ‘Ignacio Nacho Anaya’. The original nachos consisted of fried corn tortillas covered with melted cheddar cheese and sliced jalapeno peppers.