Krishna Janmashtami

Janmashtami recipes



Time and time again salads crop up in our everyday menu. They are either welcomed or looked down upon. Most of times its the later. They are assumed to be without the ‘taste’ element. But in fact salads can be quite the opposite. They need not be coated with creamy dressing for them to be appealing. A simple blend of ingredients topped with South Indian tempering can make a really delicious salad. I am talking about the dish from Udupi Brahmin cuisine – Kosambri.


kosambri 2 E

Hesaru bele Kosambri or Moong dal salad, a speciality of Udupi Brahmin cuisine.






De-skinned and split green gram aka moong dal

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Rava Laddoo


…..and foods to cherish


It is fun to experiment with recipes from store bought books. Drooling at the photographs and following instructions and measurements to the ‘T’. And then there are borrowed recipes – borrowed from families, friends, aunts, uncles, heirloom recipes.


rava laddoo 2

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Paal Payasam

….A must during festivals!


paal payasam 1


paal payasam 2


A South Indian festive menu you know is never complete without a payasam for dessert! And one THE popular payasam is the Paal Payasam..

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Besan Laddoos

Besan ke laddoos or sweet dumplings made from gram flour, ghee and sugar is one popular Indian sweet recipe made and relished in many homes during festivals, like Deepawali and Krishna Janmashtami. Laced with the flavor of cardamoms (elaichi) and some nuts mixed in, all make it a  tasty sweet dish. No wonder they are well liked by so many!
Serve this traditional sweet in traditional serving plates for festivals. And there is an interesting way to eat and enjoy the leftovers on other days. That is,  for a fancier version, serve them with eggless vanilla custard! Yes, chilled or even warm custard with homemade besan laddoos is a mouthwatering treat! 
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