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Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies

There is nothing I find more soothing & relaxing  than putting on my apron & head to the kitchen to bake a cookie or a cake or any fuss-free dessert. The excitement begins as I start mixing the ingredients to make a mixture of dreams! You create various shapes and sizes from the dough as desired and then oven does its job. My elation reaches its peak when I try & see through the oven glass to find they are turning out quite well. Choco chip cookies are may be the simplest out of all cookies recipes but the taste is nothing short of being heavenly, especially when served with a glass of milk.
And then in the end after all the efforts just looking at a perfectly baked dish created from scratch from my very own hands & the laughter among my family as they enjoy my creation is a wonderful feeling (sigh). 
They were right when they said – “Baking can be therapeutic“.
These cookies hardly take long to prepare but the result is amazing! This is an easiest recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies I have come across.  

Take a Break with Instant Eggless Chocolate Cake

Life is a rush hour these days. A hectic schedule is the norm for many. You see people are always in a rush to be at some place at a certain time, meeting deadlines and so on. Relaxation, health, family, hobbies etc take a backseat. Most of us want things ‘instant’, ready at the snap of their fingers. And do we have endless gadgets to meet this criteria!! And then we even have instant commercial food. And yet…where has the time gone?? We should have had far more time on our hands then…don`t you think?It is like we are all on a ‘bus’ here with no stops!! Or on a treadmill and can’t get off!! Reminds me of Sandra Bullock`s movie Speed. And what a relief it was then to get off the bus and appreciate life all over again..

Glazed Mango Cheese Cake – Eggless

Make the most of the ‘Mango Season‘!!  That is the mantra this time…well….its the same each year during the season!I can say we have done so and will continue to do so –  that is making the most of this ‘Mango Mania’ at home.  
And one of them being ‘Mango Cheese Cake’.

Most of us do look longingly at those Cheesecakes in cafes & bakeries beckoning us, tempting us to indulge. Yummmm….the crusty, buttery base with soft cheese as the topping. And every time I have them i wonder if a cake so soft, light, feathery & heavenly is actually easily possible to master at home?

The week that was….



And some Apple – Oat Muffins



It was weekend again – the time of the week eagerly awaited for by so many! For me it was that time again – to have a flash back and evaluate the week gone by. Although not a frequent habit, pondering on the activities of the past week is a way for me to spend some time with myself and bring myself on the right track in case of any wrong diversions taken!

Like I said, it was weekend and  there I was sitting on the couch by the window staring out at the tree outside the window. A soothing music being played in the background. To further explain – music has always been my constant companion or should I say the ‘voice’ that gets me going? And so my thoughts naturally wandered off to those ‘smiling’ moments of the past week – some goof-ups by my sister or her witty comments that never fails to start me on a laughing spree! I am sure I will get a word or two from her for mentioning goof-ups in association with her. But she is not here at the moment anyways to defend herself! Those little friendly ‘fights’ or ‘attacks’ between us that all the more heightened my affection towards her.


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Mint Choco Chip Ice cream

And Basic Vanilla Ice cream

The rains pouring outside is a relief after the unbearable heat! There is something soothing about the soft spluttering of the rains & makes me all dreamy! The trees are all so much greener, the birds chirpier & happier and the smell of freshness in the air is intoxicating. Reading a good book & having some crispy pakoras are all I want to usually do the whole day when it pours outside..!


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Simple yet Exotic – Banana Muffins!

We have been bitten by the ‘muffin bug’….or ‘banana muffins’ in particular.
banana muffins
 (Image updated on 24/8/16)
 Since the first time we tried out this recipe we just can`t get enough of this soft & super yummy delights! What caught my interest when I first read the recipe was the fact that they had bananas (which I am extremely fond of!) and they could be put together without too much of an effort and with ingredients readily available..So ideal for beginners too! As these lil darlings are baking in the oven, the entire house is filled with the delightful & enticing aroma of baked bananas…!!

Cinnamon Crispies

Cinnamon Crispies are baked treats with a cinnamon and sugar filling. And with a blend of regular and brown sugar, no wonder these can be quite a treat. Ideal for your Xmas baking too!!
The outsides are bit crispy & crusty and the center slightly soft which reminded me of a muffin or maybe a bread even.. But not that soft of course. Maybe flattening then a little more will make the centers even more crispier, if you prefer it that way.

Raisin Pillows

`Pillow’ is the right word to name these cookies. For the outer layer is just that, soft and delicate with the delicious aroma of butter and vanilla. The `pillows` are sandwiched with soft raisins having a hint of freshly squeezed lemon that perfectly complement the butter-y-ness of the cookies.





All in all a perfect start off your home baking plans!


Chocolate Marie Pudding


There are many reasons to love chocolate. Our love for it has made them find their way into confectioneries, desserts, drinks, pastries, soups and some savories even. ‘Chocolate’ come under those ‘beloved’ food categories. Most of us adore it. Have it daily or pretty often. Crave for it regularly. Savor the heavenly taste as it coats the tongue. Having chocolates makes us happy, scientifically proven they say. They also say chocolate,the dark variety is good for the heart. True or not, I would not want to prove it wrong. I prefer to believe in them always and each time I bite into one. Makes me less guilty having them! No doubt chocolates come with calories. They are ‘bittersweet’ treat, right?!


chocolate marie opudding 1


And lastly, you don`t need many excuses to indulge in chocolates. You love it, and that`s all it takes to dive into world of chocolates!



chocolate marie pudding 2 

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Tip of the Week
Eating Bananas can help fight depression.
Food Facts
Nachos, the Mexican dish, were invented in 1943 by a guy named ‘Ignacio Nacho Anaya’. The original nachos consisted of fried corn tortillas covered with melted cheddar cheese and sliced jalapeno peppers.