Paal Payasam

….A must during festivals!


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A South Indian festive menu you know is never complete without a payasam for dessert! And one THE popular payasam is the Paal Payasam..

In simpler words, it is rice kheer. Rice cooked in milk and sweetened with sugar. Sometimes they may be dotted with raisind. Or even nuts like cashew fried in ghee. The colour may be pure white or given a saffron hue by adding kesar. The payasam may be relished hot, warm or even chilled. The creamy rice kheer is a divine indulgence for every spoonful devoured. You will know what I mean if you love it and often make it as prasadam or for any special occasion. For those not so fond of it, I urge you to give it another shot. But I doubt not many exist under the ‘dislike’ paal payasam category. And for those who have never tasted this, if there exists by any case, then again I urge you too to give it a try. For no one should miss out on this marvelous experience of feasting upon this creamy rice kheer a.k.a paal payasam.


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Traditional paal payasam is made from just milk, rice and sugar. Saffron and cashew is just added for additional flavor and variation.


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Paal Payasam
Serves 5
Creamy rice kheer, perfect for celebrations or any special occasions
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  1. 1/2 cup basmati rice
  2. 800 ml milk (4 cups)
  3. 6 tbsp sugar (or to taste)
  4. 2 tbsp raisins
Optional ingredients
  1. 1 tsp saffron dissolved in 1 tbsp milk
  2. 1 tbsp cashew, fried in little ghee till golden
  1. Wash rice, drain. Cook rice in water till 90% cooked. Drain excess water.
  2. Add cooked rice to milk. Bring to boil. Reduce heat. Simmer for sometime till thickens and rice is softer and cooked thoroughly. Keep stirring at regular intervals.
  3. Add sugar, raisins. Stir and let sugar dissolve.
  4. Remove from heat. Add optional ingredients if adding.
  5. Serve hot or cold.
  1. Traditional paal payasam is made from just milk, rice and sugar. Saffron and cashew is just added for additional flavor and variation.
  2. Taste and adjust sugar as per your taste.
  3. Some recipes call for cooking rice in milk only till reduced to about half the original quantity. In that case about a litre and a half or more milk is needed. But I personally prefer this method where the rice grains are more softer and the payasam is altogether velvety and nice.
Adapted from Our family recipe diary
Adapted from Our family recipe diary
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