Coastal Fiesta – Flavors of Udipi & Mangalore


Coastal Fiesta – Flavors of Udipi & Mangalore

Cuisine of coastal town of Mangalore and Udipi , situated in Karnataka state, South India, comprises collective cuisine of the Tulu Nadu region. The cuisine here is known for their distinctive flavor and ingredients. A typical food of Mangalore region is quite spicy with generous amount of chillies along with coconut and tamarind. But cuisine of Udipi region, situated about 60 kms from Mangalore normally has a touch of sweetness given by jaggery. Fresh and healthy dishes, particularly made from locally grown produce marks the cuisine of Mangalore and Udipi. Simple cooking yet not straying far away from the concept of eating healthy has always been prime importance. 

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Rice is the staple food of this region, be it in the form of plain cooked rice or neer dosa – thin rice crepes, sannas – fluffy idlis with yeast, different varieties of dosas, akki (rice) rotti to name a few. Udipi cuisine was perfected in Udipi Krishna Matha. Dishes are made primarily from rice, grains, vegetables and fruits, the hallmark being locally available ingredients. Even seeds and peels of various fruits and vegetables find their way into Udipi cuisine there by resulting in some exotic and unique dishes.  Few festive delicacies require considerable techniques and practice to master making them while there are plenty more every day simpler dishes that form a part of every day menu. The main ingredient, be it fruit or vegetable or grains or beans are usually made to be the dominant flavor while a few spices are added only to complement the main flavor, never over power it. And so you will find that most of the dishes call for just a handful of ingredients. 

Above are a few of the dishes from this coastal region that are healthy, easy to make and each with its own signature taste.




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